Conditions of Carriage

To avoid unpleasant situations and accidents, please read the following conditions of carriage carefully. Security is in your hands too!

By purchasing the ticket, each user irrevocably accepts these conditions of carriage.

The passenger uses all technical equipment of the Oberwiesenthal summer toboggan run exclusively at theirown risk and in suitable clothing and without the influence of alcohol and / or drugs.

If it is wet or if suddenly slippery ice occurs, the driving speed must be reduced immediately. Attention, the braking distance is two to three times longer and the sledges tend to swing sideways on the track!

Both hands always grasp the brake lever, the feet only belong in the sled on the designated treads.

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Katrin Heinrich


General information

Do not hold onto the sledge, do not touch the track while tobogganing. Risk of burns!

The upper body always points in the direction of travel, turning around is prohibited. Risk of injury!

Tobogganing at brisk speed, never stop on the track. Risk of accident!

The signs along the track must always be followed.

Children under 8 years of age are only allowed to use the train with older people (over 8 years of age) or persons with legal guardians / carers. Children always sit in front.



Use the brake lever to select the speed so that you neither endanger yourself nor other visitors.

A safety distance of at least 25m must be maintained from the vehicle in front.

If a collision does occur,the driver is always liable for any consequences that may occur.

At the end of the runway on the brake belt, the sledge must be left quickly.

Our guests can use our photo system to view their own photo or purchase it from us.

Taking photos and filming with smartphones or other handheld devices while driving downhill is generally prohibited. This excludes so-called action cameras that are only permanently installed on the clothing or headgear if they are put into operation before the journey.

More information

It is forbidden!

To enter the cordoned-off area along the railway or the elevator, including the fairway.

Damaging or destroying the technical systems, all operating equipment and driving equipment as well as the outdoor facilities and plantings.

To create obstacles to travel or to take other disruptive, operationally endangering actions.

Anyone who is injured has no claims against the operator of the toboggan run, any claims must only be made to the person who caused the accident. The operator’s liability is limited to gross negligence or willful misconduct.

Our team

The instructions of the railway staff must always be followed. (Extraordinary auxiliary police authority § 23 BOS in dangerous situations.) In the event of gross or repeated violations against the instructions of the railway staff, as well as repeated non-observance of the conditions of carriage, the railway staff is entitled at any time to prohibit individual persons or groups from using all technical systems of the toboggan park for a certain or indefinite period.

Marcel Seypt

Railway manager

Julien Lang

Railway manager

Alexander Schulz

Railway manager